Plants – more interesting than they seem!

It has been a busy day today. I was at school from 8 am to 8 pm and still had some more work to do at home. Bo I’m finally done and will take some time to write a little bit about what I’ve been doing.

Since last week I have a lab course on Plant Physiology. I don’t know about you, but plants never interested me a whole lot. Surprisingly this has changed since I started  college. They are actually quite fascinating.
With the deeper I go into the topic and the more I know about how plants actually work, it comes to me how incredible these organisms are. Let’s take the example of the plant Mimosa  pudica  . Most people have heard of the plant and what it does. It can react to certain stimuli as touch, rain drops, heat or shaking ground by folding its leaves in. The way the signal is transported through the plant isn’t even that different to the way our nerves work! When you touch the plant you can watch how one leave after the other closes. Depending on the strength of the stimuli it can reach quite far along the twig of the plant. The whole mechanism of stimuli transportation isn’t even that different from ours and can even reach a comparable speed. Incredible!
This is just one example of active movement plants can undergo. You probably also know about movement towards the light or maybe water. Just as well they can also try to avoid unfavorable conditions by moving away, maybe into the shadow, when the light intensity is too high.

But even more important: Plants are the base of life how we know it. During they process of photosynthesis they produce a byproduct that is essential for our survival: Oxygen. Without the evolution of this process life wouldn’t be even close to what we see today.
But besides photosynthesis they are capable of other interesting metabolic processes. Over millions of years of evolution they have adapted to almost any environmental condition. We can see plants under water, in deserts, they survive under snow and in extreme heat.

Just keep this in mind when you look at a plant: It can do a lot more than you would ever think!

Be happy!



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