I’m Alan, a young, freshly started blogger.

Currently I’m studying biology at a university in Germany. There are many different things I’m interested in among which are: the life sciences (primarily biology), traveling, nature and sports.
Okay, I have to go into a little more detail on those subjects and I will soon, so stay tuned!

But here’s a little more information about myself:

I’m from Gaggenau, Germany and grew up with 3 siblings.
Today I live in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland where I moved for my study in Konstanz. It’s about 1 km away from the border and I can easily ride my bike to college or take the bus.
After graduating from high school I traveled to Ecuador and Peru for 6 weeks.
Then I worked in a hospital for 9 month.
I’ve spent two years of my life in the USA. One during high school in Tennessee, the other one as a college exchange student in Oregon.
There are many sports I like bot only a couple I do regularly: Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee

I hope you guys will enjoy my blog.
I’m very exited to try out this tool to share my thoughts and experiences with the world.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with recommendations, critics or if you just want to talk!




For later:

After trying out a number of sports during my lifetime including tennis, swimming, ice skating, snowboarding, kayaking, soccer, american football, I found something that I enjoy a lot. Ultimate Disc has been a part of my life since I started it. The sport is fascinating in all it’s aspects from The Spirit of the Game to the incredible athleticism of the top players of the sport.
But I will explain that further one day in one of my blogs.
Seeing different places and experiencing many cultures in my opinions is essential for personal development. I have made this observation from the changes longer stays as well as shorter ones have done to myself. From childhood on I had the chance to stay in other countries, like Spain, where my family spent at least one vacation every year. I have spent longer periods in the USA ans South America (Peru and Ecuador). Some of the great experiences I was able to have will be but in this blog, so stay tuned 🙂

Life SciencesSince high school years I have a big interest in biology, which eventually led to pick this subject as my major in college. I want to share some interesting facts I have read and learned about to you during the next few years.

During the last few years of my  life at the  I developed the wish to write something
I’m going to do my best


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